Mighty Whale Pattern

Thursday, January 11, 2024

...Sometimes the world felt very big to the little girl. Although not often, she sometimes doubted her strength, her talents, and her worth. It was then when Mama would pull her close to whisper truths in her ear, telling her stories of the mighty King and reminding her how much she was loved....

This pattern is dear to my heart. 

Blue whales have been my son's favorite animal for as long as I can remember.  We've had many conversations over the years about how absolutely huge blue whales are and how the King of Kings is even mightier and bigger than that! 

I have ideas to make a whole collection around this pattern one day, but for now I can't help but share it solo.  The green background with the purple whales features tiny hearts and the blue version has clusters of little crosses.

When my son was much younger and troubles would come, we would discuss blue whales to put our situation into perspective. We would ask ourselves if the thing that was troubling us was a temporary problem or a really big deal. We would also ask ourselves if the King was bigger than even our biggest problem. This little exercise would calm both of our hearts every time. 

A few years ago, I was painting a large mural in our home and I asked my kids what they would like me to paint. I was not surprised when my son asked for a blue whale.  I knew that I couldn't paint it life-size, so this is what I came up with that rainy day. You can see the whale on the right side below the pink jellyfish. I said that it was a baby whale peaking from around the doorway.  

This mural was added onto many times over the next few years and eventually has now been all painted over.  However, it was just the inspiration that I needed to turn the whale into a digital pattern for others to enjoy.

Fun Fact: REAL Blue whales are about as long as THREE school buses! 

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