Fiona, Nigel & the Big Birthday Bash Mini Pattern Collection

Friday, January 12, 2024

...As much as she loved the wild animals, the little princess had quite a collection of stuffed friends. Her fluffy pals were always celebrating something. Fiona the Elephant planned the parties, Nigel the Crocodile would play his trumpet, & Nigel’s very shy cousin, Quill, would dance quietly in the back...

This mini collection of hand drawn animal and party motifs is one of my very favorites.  Fiona the Elephant is a pale pink patterned print (say that five times fast!) that would be adorable on baby wear, baby shower decor, nursery bedding, and party supplies. 


This collection, and Fiona the Elephant in particular, was inspired by a stuffed animal that has been in our house for a very long time.  My son's first birthday was elephant themed, and I had purchased a small grey stuffed elephant for him as a gift.  He loved that elephant and it stayed in his room for several years until his second little sister was born.  She liked to go in his room and play with all of his 'big kid' toys.  She loved to play trains and stack his blocks, but there was one toy in particular that she particularly favored.  She adored that little fluffy elephant and how soft she had become after years of snuggles.  She named the elephant Ellie, and Ellie soon went everywhere with that little girl. Ellie dressed in various styles from fancy dresses to cowboy hats.  Together, Ellie and the little princess went on many adventures and celebrated many milestones.  

This mini collection will pair well with so many different blender prints- from polka dots, to stripes, to plaids, and more. I can just picture these joyful patterns on nursery bedding, birthday invitations, and graphic t-shirts for children.  

Who doesn't love a happy crocodile with a walkman? 

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