Meet Me in the Mountains Mini Pattern Collection- Blue Ridge Colorway

Monday, June 10, 2024

 ...Carefully she walked down her own path, stopping to admire the posies in the field and the shiny stones by the creek. She knew where she was going and was determined to enjoy the journey...

     Pictured here: Blue Ridge Colorway

This post is the Blue Ridge Colorway, click HERE to see the Smoky Mountain Colorway. 

(In the post for the Great Smoky Mountains Colorway, I explain how the mountains of Western North Carolina captured my families heart. I write about the beautiful scenery and the wonderful people we have met in our little mountain community.)

Something I find funny is how the mountains can be different things to different people. To some, it's a summer vacay spot full of wonder and fresh air. The overlooks interspersed among the Blue Ridge Parkway are always teeming with tourists eager for a glimpse at that ombre of a sunset. 

To others, it's home. Simply that, home. Locals can sometimes tend to overlook the marvels of living in the Blue Ridge. Sure, their view is colored wth smokey grays, baby blues, emerald greens, clean powdery whites that call powdered sugar to mind. Isn't everybody's view like that? 

But moving here from out of state, sometimes we transplants have the advantage. 

We know this isn't universal. 

We lived without this breathtaking scenery our whole lives, never knowing what we were missing. But once we did, oh.... We could never go back. 

This collection is put together with those people in mind, the ones who just don't know what they are missing. And those of us who do know, let's enjoy the splendor of these mountains, shall we?

As mentioned in the Great Smoky Colorway post, this pattern collection took me a long time to complete because I also made several stickers that are being sold in local shops and I drew several local landmarks as part of my creative process. Below, you will find another tiny sample of the artwork completed.  

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