Scandinavian Winter Mini Pattern Collection

Saturday, December 9, 2023

...It was an unusually cold day in the kingdom. A brisk wind blew across her face as she stepped out of the warm cottage and into the snow. Wrapping her red cloak tighter about her, she started down the trail to visit with her forest friends. She must hurry, as Mama had supper almost ready...
The beginning of my childhood was spent in a little green cottage with a very big backyard (at least it seemed big to me at the time). It rarely snowed in Northern California, but when it did Mama would make hot chocolate in the afternoon and hot supper to warm our bellies after playing all day.  The chores were finished quickly so that we could explore the winter wonderland.  Our boots would make little trails as we trekked along and adventures were always found just steps from the cottage.

This mini collection is five repeating patterns that would be perfect for greeting cards, gift wrap, warm winter pajamas, and more.

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