Castles & Dragons Mini Pattern Collection

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

...As the little girl drifted off to sleep, she dreamed of visiting the King’s castle. Colorful flags filled the courtyard and princesses drank tea in the rose garden. The floors were covered in diamond tiles and friendly dragons gave children rides high up in the sky.  It was a magical place where the impossible was possible...

Imaginations are such an awesome thing. As a mama, I have watched my kids fly with dragons, dance with princes, and explore the oceans deep.  The excitement in their high pitched voices, the homemade capes, the couch pillows turned fluffy clouds... I have enjoyed every minute of it.

This mini collection is a small nod to the epic adventures my littles have had at the King's castle.  It features a fun pattern of dragons flying over castles, as well as a the same dragons in a pinky colorway flying with rainbows and clouds.  Complimented by roses, tiaras, and bold geometric tiles, the whimsical colorful banners add to the grouping and would be perfect for any celebration or happy product.

There's a lot more to this castle scene that I'd like to draw in the future, more adventures to be had at the King's castle.  

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