Undersea Adventures Mini Pattern Collection

Thursday, January 25, 2024

 ...The calming motions of the jellyfish mesmerized the little girl. It was her first time at an aquarium and she was overjoyed at the sights. Sea kelp swayed with the currents and as she watched the bright fish dart around, her mind began to wander...

    This Undersea Adventures Pattern Collection is a follow up to my Into the Deep Pattern Collection that I released last July.  Into the Deep was inspired by trips to the aquarium when my kids were really small.  As my kids have gotten older, we continue to visit aquariums and zoos and learn about animals. The visits are different now- we bring less snacks and can walk much faster with taller legs.  Our conversations have shifted from me saying, "Look at the big fishy!" to my kids schooling me on the exact species of fish, it's dietary habits, and geographic location.  While our conversations look much different, the trips are still so memorable and there's always at least one tank exhibit that we all look upon with child-like wonder.

    Sometimes, we even get photobombed by manta rays.

    The great white shark pattern (pictured on shorts, below) makes me smile so big. It's a fun print that would look great on so many different surfaces from clothing, to shower curtains, to stationary.  If you look closely, you may even see a fish that looks similar to a piranha.    

    Another lively print in this collection is the kelp forest pattern.  This pattern was inspired by the kelp forest tank in the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I used bright colors to give it a tropical vibe.  The orange fish remind me of goldfish crackers that my kids used to ask me to buy. The tiny hot pink fish in the background add a bit more whimsy to the scene.

My very favorite pattern in this Mini Collection are the jellies! Jellyfish are always my favorite tanks to visit at the aquarium.  They are so calming.  I have jellyfish very similar to this print hand-painted on the walls in my bathroom.  These jellyfish are so versatile- from fabric, to wallpaper, to a little girl's swimsuit- it's a colorful pattern that's sure to delight both little kids and big ones alike.

    I did not make many blender prints for this collection because they would all pair nicely with the prints found in the Bright Summer Day colorway of Into the Deep.


  The pattern below actually didn't make the cut for this collection but I thought it was fun to share in this blog post anyway.  It was made from vectorized images found in photographs of a mural I had once painted.  I put these sea creatures in outer space and colored them neon to remind me of the late 1980's. Kinda cool, right?

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