Cutesy Ocean Mini Pattern Collection

Monday, May 20, 2024

...She hadn't meant to make such a big mess.  She really had tried to stay neat.  But as she washed up for supper she saw paint in her hair and noticed the floor was littered with paper scraps.  Her hands were stained with her favorite bright colors.  She wanted to tell Mama that it would never happen again, but she knew that was a lie.  She couldn't help herself, she loved to create... 

I have a color loving little girl at my house.  She is curious, adventurous, energetic, and goes full-in with whatever she's up to. She makes glorious messes just like me, when I was a child. 


For her birthday this year, I asked her what type of party she wanted.  After a couple days of throwing out wonderful party themes and ideas, she landed on a bright and cutesy ocean theme.  

She wanted turtles, jellyfish, seahorses, lots of colors, and lots of desserts.  

She wanted crafts and obstacle courses and party hats.

She wanted friends and streamers and beach balls.

She wanted a fun party favor for her friends to take home.

As my daughter began to tell me about her party ideas, I began to get excited.  I knew that I could take her ideas and make them reality.  (Okay, well
MOST of her ideas!). These colorful ocean creatures practically drew themselves.  We added glasses to the seahorses and made all the creatures fun colors just like she had imagined, because as my daughter put it, "Not everyone looks the same."  When we were done creating, we stopped to see if we had captured her imagination:

Cutesy? Check.

Colorful? Check.

Fun? Check.

She was happy, which made me oh. so. happy.

We printed up invitations and turned these little creatures into all sorts of party decor from hats, to banners, to coloring pages, and more.

On party day, her friends arrived and we had such a great time shell-ebrating my little love. 

Shell-ebrate, do you see what I did there? I have always loved a good cheesy pun.

When my daughter is grown, I hope that she keeps her wild imagination and love of creating.  I hope that she continues to get excited by celebrations and playing with friends and her attitude of "let's do this!".  I hope that she focuses her abundance of energy on making this world a better place, full of honesty and sharing with others.  Most of all, I hope that she always remembers just how much she is loved.

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