Swans in Love Pattern

Monday, April 22, 2024

..."How will I know who loves the King?" She asked Mama.  

"Look at the way they treat others, how they serve, and how they act when they think nobody is looking."  

The little girl pursed her lips and crinkled her eyebrows. Mama's answer was a lot more complicated than she had hoped...  

This lovely little pattern gives me all the heart eyes. Perfect for a little girl, it could be used on apparel, stationery, bedding, and swimsuits.

This sweetie swan pattern was inspired by people, actually --- not swans. There is a lake near where I live and there's a whole group of people that volunteer their time to take care of the swans that live on the lake. They build habitats for the swans, make sure that the swans get proper nutrition, and care for them when they are sick or injured. In fact, being that the swans are not native to our area, they can't let the swans get lost in the wild and have to retrieve them when they leave the lake

While I'm sure that they have a better name for their group, I just call them the "Swan People". 

While I'm not THAT MUCH of a fan of swans (although they are pretty!), I am definitely a fan 

of kindness

of sharing 

of serving

of teamwork

& of taking care of those that need extra care.

The Swan People adore those swans. As I imagine it, their group must feel a whole lot of love in their hearts for them-  like little colorful heart confetti sprinkled all over.

I feel the same way about my family. When I think of my husband and my children, I immediately get heart eyes... my heart is so full of love for them.  Like the Swan People, I try my very best to take care of all their needs.  I show them my love when I make them yummy food. I spend time with them. I give them extra attention when they aren't feeling well, and I share whatever I have with them.

If my husband was reading this post, he'd be quick to point out that PEOPLE are NOT SWANS (not even remotely close!) but I think we could all be inspired by a group of people that work together for a shared love. It's a very unselfish action and one that we could all do well to imitate.

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21 

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