Flower Farm Pattern Collection

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

...Mama opened the back door slowly and looked down at the little princess. Her bare-feet were covered in wet grass and there were dirt smudges on her freshly-washed pinafore. Her small hands held tightly to a bunch of freshly pulled posies and her smile said it all. It should have come to no surprise, she had been out in the garden again...

I read recently that any work that you do without your heart in it, becomes just busywork.  This idea really resonated with me.  As an artist, I have the opportunity to draw and doodle many things, but not all things have my heart. When I draw from my heart and my own personal experiences, that's when it becomes truly meaningful work.

This is my Flower Farm collection.  

These patterns and motifs were inspired by my real life as a cut flower farmer and florist. There are 16 repeating patterns in this collection along with several coordinating motifs. From the overhead bulbs that light our paths, to the showy blooms tucked into vases and jars, to the plaid that mimics the straight lines of the raised beds-- this collection is full of special moments. 

I have been helping with a garden as long as I can remember.  Summers were spent with my bare-feet covered in dirt, cutting roses to give to the neighbors, picking tomatoes ripened on the vine, and planting sunflowers to harvest in the Fall.  My grandmother was always saving seeds and teaching me to stop and enjoy the scenery on my way to growing up.

As a momma, gardening helps me to mark out the seasons and years.  Early winter is for planning out what crops we want to grow, spring is a flurry of seed starting activity, summer is for harvesting blooms by the bucketful to share, and fall is a season of seed-saving and savoring the sweet memories from a year of hard work and beauty. Each year my kids get a little taller.  At first they are about 'gladiolus high', then before I know it, they are twirling amongst the zinnias. My oldest is now eye-level to a sunflower and I wonder how time can go so fast. 

Flower Farm is all about these memories and moments. The patterns can be used to celebrate the start of a new season or to remind us of summers gone by. Like my memories from the garden, they are timeless. 

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