Leslie Adams is an illustrator, surface designer, and creative maker living in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.  Her art and products are easily recognized by her whimsical hand-drawn details and unexpected use of color. Leslie draws her inspiration from her childhood memories, her faith, motherhood, and her growing flower garden. 

His Kingdom Creations began in 2021 with a curated selection of handmade products, but quickly expanded to include seasonal homegrown flowers, store-front window art, painted murals, and other imaginative endeavors.  Currently, Leslie has put other creative pursuits on hold to focus completely on her passion for making digital art in hopes to spread kindness, celebrate the beauty in everyday life, and make pretty things for others to enjoy.

ABOUT ME:   Hello :) 

Growing up as the daughter of a seamstress, my childhood was spent immersed in rich textiles, colors, and patterns. I learned, at a young age, to look at a pile of fabric scraps as potential to create and design whatever my heart could imagine.  Despite my natural attraction to design and my love of colors and patterns, I challenged myself to obtain a college degree in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering.  After a short but successful career in research science, I left the industry to embrace motherhood and pursue my childhood passions of textile design, handmade art, gardening, and homemaking.  I live in a little town nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains with my husband and four children.

My grandmother taught me that it’s okay to embrace a colorful, quirky, and eclectic style and to see the world through my own pair of nerdy glasses.  When I harvest an armload of blooms from my garden to share, or draw cartoon animals for a digital pattern, I can’t help but feel like I’m making this world a happier place.

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